PennACE is a non-profit service organization established in 2002 as a result of a merger of two long standing and successful Pennsylvania organizations dedicated to support and advocacy for experiential education, career development and employment in Pennsylvania. With the development of this new organization comes many opportunities for additional growth and learning through our larger, more diverse membership that represents more than 80 different colleges, universities and employers throughout the commonwealth.
  • PennACE serves as a communication network for internship/co-operative education professionals, career planning and placement professionals, and human resource professionals.  PennACE supports and advocates an educational strategy that fosters career development and integrates practical work experience with academic study.

  • PennACE promotes professional development through seminars, workshops and other programs.

  • PennACE encourages involvement in the positive economic development of Pennsylvania.

  • PennACE acts as a clearinghouse of economic and legislative information for the advancement of career development and employment activities.

  • PennACE represents Pennsylvania in national activities and establish strong working relationships with other related organizations across the United States.