Become a Member/Renew Membership

Benefits of Membership

  • Professional development opportunities through an annual conference, seminars, workshops, and other programs (approved as a continuing education credits provider by the Human Resource Certification Institute)
  • Grant opportunities for members who pursue collaborative projects that support PennACE’s mission and purpose
  • An online membership directory and membership listserv which provides access to knowledgeable professionals for training, research, and partnerships
  • Opportunities for employers to sponsor initiatives to "brand" your company on campuses via event sponsorships, sporting events, campus lectures series, etc
  • Employer access to thousands of students and alumni of member schools for recruitment
  • Scholarship opportunities for students of member schools in a co-op/internship
Cost of Membership
  • Individual Membership: $75.00
  • Organizational Membership: $225.00 (an organizational membership can include up to 4 members)
  • Employer Affiliate Membership: $75.00 (non voting employer membership option)
  • Graduate Student Membership: $50.00