"Initially, the thought of becoming involved in a professional organization sounded intimidating and overwhelming, especially as I considered my many other responsibilities.  After some encouragement from trusted colleagues, I took my involvement with PennACE to the next level by first serving on conference committees, and then accepting a position on the board.  This experience has significantly contributed to my personal and professional development by strengthening my professional network and leadership skills.  In addition, I have a great excuse to connect with some wonderful friends since becoming involved!"
--Christina Hanson, Messiah College Office of Career Development
"PennACE has given me the opportunity to develop professionally through networking and involvement in committees.  The organization is large enough that I can expand my professional network, yet intimate enough to allow me to build strong relationships with colleagues at other universities."
--Jennifer Rossi, Saint Joseph's University Career Development Center
"Being involved in PennACE has been an extremely rewarding experience.  I have particularly enjoyed my involvement on the Board, through which I have developed a fantastic network of career services colleagues and have had the opportunity to grow professionally by taking on new and challenging responsibilities.  I was hesitant to become invlolved with the Board initially, but I am now so grateful that I did."
--Laura Kilko, Dickinson College Career Center
"There are many professional development organizations for career services professionals - PennACE is a very rewarding organization with which to get involved.  If you’re looking to really connect with colleagues, share and receive ideas, and develop professionally, PennACE is a great group of career folks and employers.  The professional development seminars are at no cost, the annual conference is budget-friendly, and both you and your students have opportunities for grants and scholarships.  There are many more benefits, including an e-newsletter and free job postings...reach out to a board member to find out more...we are fortunate to live in PA!"
--Kerri Gardi, Director, Kutztown University Career Development Center
"PennACE was one of the first professional organizations I joined upon entering the field of Career Services.  The members of this organization have provided guidance to me over the years and I am grateful to have the opportunity to give something back as a member of the Board.  The first time I attended a PennACE conference I was blown away by the friendliness and camaraderie shared by college and employer members.  Those relationships have stood the test of time and I look forward to meeting new people each year.  It’s so easy and welcoming to become involved in this group and the professional development I have received has been immeasurable.  I encourage everyone to consider becoming involved in this organization by attending an event and/or our annual conference and volunteering time as a committee or Board member."
--Amy Saul, Director, Moravian College Career Development Center
"Choosing to get involved as an active member of PennACE has been one of the best decisions I’ve made professionally. I was introduced to PennACE and pulled into the conference committee by a former supervisor, and after a few years serving on the conference committee, I was nominated to run for VP/President Elect. Now, as I enter my final year on the Board, I am so thankful to have had the opportunity to be a part of this organization. Involvement in PennACE has given me the opportunity to meet and network with other professionals and employers from across the state. The annual conference and other professional development opportunities that are offered throughout the year have been a major benefit of membership to me. Finally, as a member of the Board, I have welcomed the opportunity to play a part in moving the organization forward, while at the same time furthering my own development and growth as a professional. I encourage all members to take advantage of what PennACE has to offer - submit a program idea for grant funding, nominate a student for an award, present at a conference, write an article for our newsletter, run for a position on the Board, and think about other ways to get connected!"
--Jennifer Mullen, Assistant Director, Villanova University Career Services
"The PennACE organization is one of the greatest professional organizations I have been fortunate enough to work with. Through my involvement as Grants Chair and Committee Member of the Professional Development team, I have had the opportunity to work with many of the incredible members  as well as build long-lasting relationships.  I value the opportunity for personal growth and networking to gain industry knowledge, therefore I highly recommend getting involved with PennACE so you can start making  your connections today!"
--Jamie Timms, Recruiting Supervisor, Enterprise Holdings 
"PennACE has been a fantastic opportunity to not only further my professional development but also to expand my leadership skills.  I first became involved in PennACE through the conference committee - this was a great way to get started in learning more about the association and also to get to know other colleagues throughout the state.  I then continued to serve PennACE on the board, first as Secretary, and then as VP/Conference Chair, President, and Past-President.  I truly value all that PennACE has to offer and believe it's an excellent way for new professionals to get involved in a professional association.  The network opportunities especially have been invaluable - both with other career professionals as well as employers.  For me, the networking opportunities and the professional development opportunities are the two most beneficial aspects of PennACE."
--Heather Champion, Associate Director, Dickinson College Career Center
"Becoming involved in the PennACE organization as a graduate student allowed me remarkable opportunities for professional development and for connecting with individuals in the field.  Being associated with a smaller, regional organization allowed me chances to become more deeply invested through conference attendance and presentation opportunities.  I was fortunate enough to be accepted to do a presentation which gave me an opportunity to build my resume and this was an experience that many of my fellow classmates did not have.  As a young professional, I have stayed very involved with PennACE and now serve as the Member at Large for the Student of the Year award which is an executive board position.  PennACE has and continues to provide me exceptional venues for professional and personal growth which have included great resume-building opportunities!"
--Kate C. Hunter, Director of Career Services & Internships, DeSales University